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RE:   Minutes of December 11, 2010 Highland Lakes South Homeowners Association Board Meeting


LOCATION:  Giammarco’s - Westerville, OH



   Joe Barganier-President

  Angie Esselstein-Treasurer

  Carolyn Bellanca-Secretary

  Dick Rano-Member at Large

  Dan Shoults-Member at Large



Meeting opened at 10:00am.


Main order of business was the subject of whether to increase the annual homeowner fees from $195 to $220.  A vote was taken and the increase was passed.


Other topics discussed:

Proposed addition of emergency room and helipad to the Ohio Health complex on the corner of Polaris Parkway and Africa Road.

When to send out the notice of the increase to the fees, what format to use, and date of annual homeowners meeting.


Meeting adjourned at 11:30am.


Carolyn Bellanca

Carolyn Bellanca, Secretary

Highland Lakes South Homeowners Association




Highland Lakes South – HOA  Monthly Officer’s Meeting  “Special Neighborhood Meeting”

In attendance:  Board Members - Joe Barganier, Dick Ranos, Angie Esselstein and Dan Shoults

    Neighbors:  5 neighbors showed up for the meeting                           


Joe went through the need to increase dues by $25.00 and Angie went over the finnacial statements for 2010 and projected financial statement for 2011.

Several neighbors had some concerns and were discussed in detail.  At the end of the meeting everyone agreed that it many be needed.



Saturday, November 7, 2010


Dear Home Owner,


The Board of trustees of your HOA is calling a “special neighborhood meeting” to discuss the pending increase in our dues from $195.00 to $220.00


We would like to review with those in attendance the many reasons we feel we must raise our dues by the allowed 15% not only for 2011 but for the next few years.


The major issues facing our HOA and neighborhood in the future will require increased budget reserves.  Some of those include; new Ohio State Law Sec. 5312.06; management of HOA to comply with new Ohio law; neighborhood storm drainage upgrades and maintenance; tree and shrubbery maintenance and replacement; and general reserves for future needs.


We will not be able to discuss each area in depth but we feel it necessary to let everyone have the opportunity to show up and be involved.  We will continue to hold monthly officer meetings the second Saturday of each month at 10 a.m.  We welcome your participation at those meetings.


The special meeting will be held this Saturday, November 13, from 10:00 to 10:50 a.m. At the Genoa Township Community Hall, 5111 South Old 3C Highway, Westerville.


Sincerely you HOA President,


Joe Barganier





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