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Updated: 2016-03-29
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  • The HLS HOA board would like to ask everyone to please try to park all vehicles in their driveway when it is going to snow. There have been complaints from some homeowners who are not getting mail deliveries because the street by their mailbox was not plowed due to a car parked in the street. Please give consideration to your neighbors during snowy weather.
Latest Info:
  • REMINDER: Annual HOA fees of $230.00 for 2017 are due by February 28!
  • Garbage collection will be on the normal schedule until the week of May 30 (Memorial Day week). During that week, collections will be delayed by one day (Saturday for HLS).



Useful Info:

Highland Lakes South Warranty Deed (pdf) - This file is the general warranty deed information needed by real estate agents before selling homes in our neighborhood (subdivision).


HLS-HOA Articles of Incorporation (pdf)

- This file is our articles of incorporation creating the homeowners’ association for the neighborhood (subdivision).


HLS-HOA Code of Regulations (pdf)

- This file defines the operation of the homeowners’ association for our neighborhood (subdivision).


Property Maintenance, Standards, and Guidelines (pdf) - In order to maintain the value of our property and homes, it is important that we each follow the standards and guidelines set forth in the General Warranty Deed of our homeowners’ association.


Thank you for visiting the Highland Lakes South (HLS) Home Owners Association (HOA) website. The community is located in Genoa Township, Delaware County, just north of Westerville, Ohio. We hope the information provided will make it easier to be informed on things happening in and around our neighborhood.


Upcoming Events

  • The HLS HOA board annual meeting for 2017 will be held on Wed., Mar. 29 at 7:00 PM at Genoa Township Hall, 5111 South Old 3C Highway.